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Navigating the Single’s World On Line &...In Person


  1. Writing a spectacular on line profile that reflects your best and will attract your type of person while discouraging bad matches that devour your time and discourage you in your search

  1.   Refining your dating skills and personal style

  1. Identifying your patterns and tendencies to stay hidden or... to pick the wrong people

  1. Getting fun photos that will bring your profile to life and make you stand out among the competition

Dr. Gayle Delaney knows how to assist you in:

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How you Look, Feel & Act will decide your chances for romance.  It’s not fate, or even timing; it is you who are largely in control.

Until you get YOUR part right, you can meet a thousand spectacular singles and strike out every time not knowing why.  Or worse yet, you could keep picking the wrong ones for a lifetime!

After decades of listening to the experiences of hundreds of clients, seeing so many wonderful people miss out on love because they did not know how to date intelligently, how to present themselves, and sometimes, how to choose well, Gayle Delaney, PhD is determined to improve your chances of finding a loving partner!

Gayle wants to use her expertise to launch you into a new world of dating with intelligence and flair.

Are you ready to try something different that focuses on what YOU can do right now to change you “luck?” 

You really can learn how to be more attractive, how to understand better the needs and desires that drive you and your dates. You really can learn how to avoid the pitfalls of early dating. 

Set up a date for a single person and she will be out for a evening.  Teach that person how to date, and she will have men following her for a lifetime. (Same for you, guys!)

In love in Venice at Carnevale

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“Gayle has transformed my dating life. She helped me identify the stand-offish signals I was sending to my dates verbally, through body language, and in emails. We practiced sending the right signals.  I now feel confident flirting and making a guy comfortable so he will ask me out again. The result? More first dates, and more first dates turning into second dates.”  A.D.