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Why Dr. Delaney is Uniquely Qualified to Get You Into The Arms of Your Sweetheart


  1. PhD in Clinical Psychology

  1. BA Princeton University Summa Cum laude

  1. Author of 7 books, including Sexual Dreams

  1. Lecturer in English, French, & Italian at universities, professional and community single’s groups

  1. Frequent media guest here & in Europe. Oprah, NBC Nightly News, Anderson 380*, regional shows throughout the US.

  1. Former Radio Host of a daily, 3-hour Afternoon-Drive talk show , KVI AM, Seattle

  1. Leader of many, many Invaluable Focus Groups (all male and all female) on dating issues.

  1. Teacher of classes on how to make the most important decision of your life, on developing dating skills, managing early relationships


Education & Experience

35 years of of teaching people how to understand their dreams and how to use the problem-solving they do every night (mostly about love and work) have shown me from the inside how people really are, and what they really want.

Dismayed seeing really good men and women lose out in love for lack of good skills and strategies, I began coaching them in making better-informed choices, and creating the love life they wanted.

Dreams give us MRI-specific assessments of our lives. People go the the heart of things in dreams, and this has taught me much that has nothing to do with games or manipulation. My approach to romance is to discover people’s core motivations, then show them how realistic, kindly, and creative dating strategies can improve their chances of success.

“Nice guys finish Last.”

Not True!

“Nice guys who are Dull finish last.”

Dr. Gayle Delaney.   Photo: Marti Cagwin Image Makers

Like many of you, I’ve been married, single, madly in love, and desperately heartbroken.  Learning from my professional and personal experience has shown me how to make love more likely (there are no promises) and how to make romance more exotic and exciting.

Getting a PhD has not made me forget how to play and be goofy!

An athlete, a reflective extrovert who understands competition (among the first women at Princeton), and a realistic optimist, I promise to make your search more fun and much more rewarding.

Personal Style and Motivation


Marti Cagwin Image Makers

Photo: Gilly Graham

Photo: Raymond Van Tassel

"Though few would believe it, I am shy with women.  Gayle has shown me how to use my courtship skills to sweep a woman off her feet.  Now that I know what to do, shyness rarely gets in my way"  R. W.

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